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Erasmus Incoming students

Studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna

In this Information sheet 2022 Fine Arts Academy of Bologna (download) it’s possible to find some information about the Academy: staff, exchanges, applications, studies

In this course catalogue 2022 studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna (download) you can find all the courses offered at the Fine Academy of Bologna and some general information about our education system.

For the Academic Calendar and other useful, more detailed information (health, Visa, Italian language classes in Bologna, housing and more) see below.

Nominations and applications 2022-2023 

First semester and full year mobility: the application deadline  is June 15, 2022.

Second Semester mobility: the application deadline  is November 15, 2022.

We invite the coordinators to nominate the selected students two weeks before the application deadline.

How to apply for an Erasmus/International exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna for 2022-23 

Letter to all the incoming students 2022 (download)

Only the incoming students regularly enrolled in a Partner Institution of this Academy are welcome: for this reason the exchange coordinator at your home institution has to nominate the selected students to the Erasmus/International coordinator of Bologna by e-mail.

Step 1 - Read carefully our

  • Information sheet 2022 Fine Arts Academy of Bologna 
  • Course catalogue 

Step 2 - Read carefully and fill our incoming student application-form 2022 

Step 3 _ Send your application by email to erasmus@ababo.it

The incoming student application includes

  1. application form (to be filled it with the requested information)
  2. ID card (or passport) scanning
  3. letter of motivation
  4. CV
  5. digital portfolio (pdf, or a link)

Step 4_ Selection procedure > Acceptance Letter

The applications will be selected on the basis of the portfolio/application evidence and subject, and also considering the balance between incoming/outgoing students (reciprocity of exchanges). The accepted students will receive by email a Letter of Acceptance from our office within two weeks after the application deadline.

Application DeadLines

15/06 for the First Semester or the full year

15/11 fo the Second Semester

We invite you to consider the minimum level of Italian required: before your arrival in Bologna you have to learn a basic Italian!